Here is how the Grand Lodge of Virginia wants wording.

Lodge Names

  • The correct way to display the Lodge name is "Name Lodge No. 123 A.F. & A.M." or all uppercase "NAME LODGE NO. 123"

  • Do not use "#" use "No."

  • A.F. & A.M. or A.F. and A.M.

  • Ancient Free & Accepted Masons or Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

  • Note: the Grand Lodge's A.F. & A.M. is in front of the word Virginia. "Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia" While the Lodges are at the end, "Blue Lodge No. 123 A.F. & A.M."

Location of the Lodge

Should be the legal 911 address that online maps (GPS) can map. i.e.

123 Main St.

City, Va. 22212

If applicable, give details, i.e. meets in xxx Fire Department, 2nd floor of xxx Church. or cross street.

Stated Communication (lowercase)

  • "stated communication" for Lodges having one meeting per month (note the lower case "s" and "c")

  • "stated communications" for Lodges having two meetings per month (note the lower case "s" and "c")

  • Use "1st", "2nd", "3rd", "4th" for week. do not spell them out, First, Second.

  • The day of the week should be spelled out in full and not abbreviated. i.e. Monday, Tuesday.

    • Example, stated communication 1st Monday.

    • Example, stated communications 1st & 3rd Monday.

    • Example, stated communications 1st Mondays & 2nd Wednesday.

  • Do not use "meetings" or "meets"

  • Do not use First, Second, Third.

  • Make note of any known exceptions to stated communication, i.e. December 2nd Monday. If a holiday then the following Monday.

Chartered statement examples

  • Charter date should be spelled out, i.e. December 22, 1877

  • Three options "Chartered by" "Holden under" or "Under a charter from"

  • The Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia

  • The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of Virginia

  • A.F. & A.M. can be spelled out "Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons" or "Ancient, Free & Accepted Masons"

  • The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of the Commonwealth of Virginia

  • A.F. & A.M. or A.F. and A.M.


  • When listing names, the format for past titles would be John Doe, PGM, PDDGM, or PM, do not use "Worshipful John Doe, PM"

  • Trestleboard is one word.

  • Fellowcraft is one word.

  • The spelling for "Tiler" not tyler "Chaplain" not Chaplin "Marshal" not Marshall "Steward" not Stewart

  • Candidates name can be published, but only after being elected to membership. (revised 2009 see Methodical Digest Sec. 2.108)

  • Petitioners name cannot be published. (Must be elected first)

  • Rejected, suspensions, etc., shall not be published.

  • The names of the Degrees are officially; Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. Not 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. There is no 3rd Degree. it is Degree of Master Mason.

  • For faster download times, Trestleboard's or other documents should be converted to HTML, or PDF format, the use of Word Document format is not recommend because the files are larger and require the user to own a copy of Microsoft Office or have a viewer installed. There are also font and printing issues with using Word.

  • Masonic Birthdays, only the name and month can be published in Trestleboard or other, i.e. November Masonic Birthdays, John Doe, David Smith. Cannot include Day, Year, or number of years.

Copyright notice and official website information

  • Optionally you might want to include a Copyright notice in small print on the bottom of your pages. i.e.

  • Copyright (c) 2000 Lodge Name No. 123 All Rights Reserved. and a sentence stating "This is the official website of Lodge Name No. 123"

Standards Used In Grand Lodge The Words Listed Below Are Always Capitalized

  • Annual Communication

  • Brethren (When written text consider use of members as an alternate.)

  • Brother (When written text consider use of member as an alternate.)

  • Craft

  • Degree of Entered Apprentice

  • Degree of Fellowcraft

  • Degree of Master Mason

  • District (followed by District number with its letter always capitalized)

  • First Degree Fraternity

  • Lecturer Lodge (except for other organizations,

  • such as Odd Fellows.)

  • Masonic Masonic Temple or Hall

  • Master Masons’ Association Master Masons’ Lodge

  • Refreshment to Labor Seal (of the Lodge)

  • Second Degree Secretary

  • Standing Committee Symbolic Degrees

  • Symbolic Lodge Third Degree

  • Trustees


Do not use “Brother” with a title and full name. The correct way is Most Worshipful (do not use “Brother” here) Werner Herman Morlock, Grand Master of Masons in Virginia. When using just the last name, the correct way is Most Worshipful Brother Wilkinson, Grand Master of Masons in Virginia.

1. Lodge Under Dispensation – If used as a heading in Methodical Digest, then caps; if a specific Lodge U.D. is referred to, use caps; otherwise use “under dispensation” in lowercase.

2. Divine worship – Just as it is.

3. Working under a Charter – Just as it is, as long as it is a Masonic charter.

4. Grand Lodge Seal – Caps, unless it refers to some other Grand Lodge; then use “seal” in lowercase.

5. Grand Lodge Jurisdiction – Same as “Grand Lodge Seal.”

6. Office of Grand Secretary-Caps if the position of Masonic Grand Secretary is referred to; otherwise lowercase.

7. Grand Secretary’s office – lowercase if physical location referred to; otherwise, Caps

8. Un-Masonic – preference is un-Masonic

9. Order – When referring to Freemasonry, caps; otherwise lower case.